Elbrouz, skiing the wild North side


L'Elbrouz à ski, le sauvage versant nord

Just come ski-touring Mount Elbrus, a nice challenge on this beautiful and easy Mount Elbrus – 5 642m which is the highest in Europe and is one of the world-famous “Seven Summit” peaks: this makes some people excited to see it and, finally, to conquer and ski it.
The north side and slopes of Mount Elbrus don’t offer a great “one thousand kilometers’ view” like the south side does; but climbing or skiing Elbrus by the North is a true expedition in wilderness: here you are in the wild nature, no ski lifts, no village or resort as on the south face!
Caucasian mountains, with their 1 000 km length, divide the Europeans and minor Asians
summits. This huge chain of mountains, surrounded by the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, is subject to sudden climatic changes. Elbrus, former volcano covered with glaciers, is the culminating peak of Europe & Caucasus. Kabardes, ethnical group from the region, call it Oshkhamankho, meaning “mountain of happiness”.


The ascent by the north slopes is tougher than by the South where we often use the ski-lifts for going up to 3860 meters’ altitude: Elbrouz by the North is much more a true (and physically harder) expedition.

Though non-technical, the climb of Elbrus requires a good degree of fitness. The terrain on Elbrus is exclusively on snow and glaciers, while training climbs in the region are on rough trails with much off-trail terrain. The conditions on summit day are typically quite challenging. Though we will travel at a moderate
pace, being fit is the best way to avoid excess fatigue on the mountain and will greatly increase your chance of summiting. Anyone attempting this peak should be in excellent physical shape. You will spend much time at altitudes above 3 500 meters. On this expedition, expect 5-7 hours of physical activity per day at altitude and that will be over several days!

Guiding by

UIAGM mountain guide. It could be for instance Yves Astier who speaks russian and his team of highly qualified UIAGM mountain guides.
The UIAGM guide is supported on the 2 summit days by a local guide.


All including but without the airfare: from 2 100 € per person, based on 6 or more participants (airfare usually costs 500 €).

Formed groups, ask us for the group price!
3 900 Euros per person, based on 2 or 3 participants.
8 % discount for a formed group booking of 7-9 participants.
15% discount for a formed group booking of 10-12 participants.