Ski journeys and expeditions

Backcountry skiing on volcanoes of Chile and Argentina

The Andes, longest moutain range of our planet are the vertebral bone (and the 4 300 km long border as well) of Argentina and Chile. Chile, on the west coast of South America, is a [...].

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Ski-touring in South Chile volcanoes

Will you try this journey of ski-touring in Chile ? A charming and welcoming country along the Pacific ocean. Surprising with beautiful landscapes and incredible sceneries like in the [...]

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Elbrouz on ski, South side


Just come ski-touring Mount Elbrus, a nice challenge on this beautiful and easy Mount Elbrus – 5 642m which is the highest in Europe and is one of the world-famous “Seven Summit” peaks [...]

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Elbrouz on ski, North side


The north side and slopes of Mount Elbrus is a true expedition in wilderness: here you are in the wild nature, no ski lifts, no village or resort as on the south face! Caucasian mountains, with their 1 000 km length [...].

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Sheregesh : Skiing in West Siberia

forêt sibérie ski de randonnée neige poudreuse snow powder

Powder skiing and touring ski in Sheregesh/Tashtagol. Sheregesh is the main ski resort in Siberia and may be the most snow-covered of Russia, sometimes 4 meters of snow from late November. [...]

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Mamai : Skiing in Southern Siberia


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