Japan : off-piste skiing, Hokkaido island

Is the best powder snow of our planet in Hokkaido ?

BOARDING or SKIING often on shallow slopes, with generally 700 to 900 meters vertical drop skiing & maybe the best powder of our planet! Is the best powder snow of our planet found in Japan, on Hokkaido
northern island? In Japan, the practice of freeride, on skis and snowboarding, is done in an incredibly light powder snow, mostly in forests on shallow slopes from the ski-lifts. The snowboard and ski runs are generally 700 to 900 m.

If we want to find steep runs we have to go ski-touring, practicing backcountry skiing or boarding, ascending with skins on the slopes of volcanoes. Japan is known for its famous Fuji Yama volcanoe, but has also many other snowy volcanoes (that look like arising from lakes) on which bowls and slopes an exceptional off-piste skiing awaits us. Dreams of powder
skiing! After skiing or snowboarding we will enjoy jumping in the thermal natural hot water pools called Oneng, and appreciate the Japanese food and traditional sushis….

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We offer this trip to Japan to good powder and off piste skiers.


4 to 7 persons per mountain guide- ski instructor on this travel to Japan, Hokkaido.


12 days, 10 or 11 days skiing or snowboarding in Hokkaido.

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Guiding by

UIAGM mountain guide.


Off-piste and touring ski from mid-January to mid-February in Hokkaido, Japan.


From 2 900 € per person from 6 participants. (Or 3 800 € per person for 4 or 5 participants. Or 4 500 € per person if only 3 participants.)

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