Mamai, Khamar Daban : skiing in Southern Siberia



sibérie ski poudreuse mamai montagne arbre landscape skieur


We offer this trip to Mamai, Khamar Daban to good off piste skiers. Note that we may also do some forest ski-touring.


3 to 7 persons per mountain guide- ski instructor on this travel to Siberia, Mamai, Khabar Daban range.


9 days, 6 days skiing.

Exemple. Day 1. Arrival Irkutsk. Start from Irkutsk to South Side of Baikal Lake, the distance is 200 km, 4 hours. Drive till turn to Mamai, transfer luggage (food and etc) on snowmobile. Ski-tour till a mountain house, distance of 9 km. Day 2. Lesnoy + Double-Headed, 2-4 Runs. Day 3. Three Birch + Megatrench, 2-3 Runs. Day 4. Cedar, 2-3 Runs. Day 5. Mamai East + North, 2-3 Runs. Day 6. True Mamai summit 1 800 m+ Rocks, 3 Runs. Day 7. Watchdog, 2 Runs Day 8. Reserve. 1 run about 500-700 vertical meters. Return to Irkutsk, stay in hotel. Day 9. Transfer to airport, flight home.

sibérie ski poudreuse mamai montagne arbre landscape skieur snow off-piste hors-piste

Guiding by

UIAGM mountain guide.

sibérie ski poudreuse mamai montagne arbre landscape


Off-piste and touring ski from early November to mid-December (we can ski there until mid-May).


From 2 380 € per person from 5 participants. (Or 2 780 € per person from 4 participants.) The price to Mamai, Khamar Daban range is given per person, without the air flights.
Another option is, staying in a deluxe hotel, hot showers = 3 200 € per person (without the air flights), with 5 participants minimum.

Beware, when you purchase your siberian air flights, choose a correspondance flight from Moscow to Irkutsk with a lapse of 5 hours between these two flights so as to make sure that your skis and other luggage will arrive in Siberia at the same time than you!

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