Ski-touring in Chile and its volcanoes


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Will you try this journey of ski-touring in Chile ?

Chile, on the west coast of South America, is a charming and welcoming country along the Pacific ocean. Surprising with beautiful landscapes and incredible sceneries like in the “Normand Switzerland” of Osorno or Chillan in the 10th/9th regions, 700 kms south of Santiago. From the dry and cold chilo-bolivian red altitude desert of Atacama (where is located Ojos Del Salado), to the south subpolar Patagonian glaciers close to Cap Horn : Chile is a mosaic of different places. Chillan and Curacautin/Malacahuello volcanoes are great steps in this journey. We will ski on these white “Fuji-Yama” above deep forests of pines, cedras and typical Araucarias trees. Very good lodges, excellent food and accommodations (much better than anywhere else in South America). And often wonderful powder skiing!


Ski-touring in Chile is accessible to a good hiker, experimented with glacier terrain.
Walking time: 3 to 5 hours per day.
Difference in height: Betwen 1 000 and 1 800 meters per day (or 2 200 on demand).
Carrying luggage: no, you only carry your daily backpack, weighing around 8 kgs.

Guiding by

Professional UIAGM ski and mountain guide.


3 100 € without airfare, on a basis of 4 participants.