Our offers of ski trips, day hiking and trekkings, ice climbing, mountaineering, all year round, for everybody

General terms of subscription and sale


All registrations must be made using the contractual registration form (provided) and be accompanied by a minimum deposit of 30% (or 50% for internships in France and near Europe), the balance being payable one month at the latest before leaving
(BALANCE TO BE PAID 60 days / sixty days BEFORE departure for expeditions and trips).
Sometimes we accept credit card payments over the phone, only for registration.

COVID : of course, in case of NO departure of your journey or ski trip (the one you signed up for) due to COVID we will refund you fully, except the fees or DEPOSITS already paid to our agents or logistics’ services abroad.
In case of registration less than a month before departure, the entire price of the trip must be paid. In this case of late registration, you will sometimes be charged a supplement.
Any registration implies acceptance of our general and specific conditions.
You must have Cancellation and REPATRIATION / World medical assistance insurance.

Cancellation insurance is compulsory AT LEAST FOR TRAVELS and expeditions (ask us for documents and form): You can refuse ours _ (APRILvoyage) _ which we have a legal obligation to offer you.
In all cases, the cancellation by the customer must be notified to us by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, the date thereof being authentic.
The insurance purchased is never reimbursed. Non-payment by the agreed date of the balance of a stay is considered a voluntary cancellation by the participant. In case of cancellation : notify us immediately.
The cancellation fees which will be invoiced to you are those corresponding to your cancellation date. The costs which may be reimbursed to you by insurance will be calculated relative to the date of the first manifestation of the event giving rise to the guarantee. Any development, even unpredictable, of your case can not be taken into account and may penalize you.
In the event of your cancellation, the amount of sums due is calculated according to the following scales (per person):

we will refund you, except the fees or DEPOSITS already paid to our agents or logistics’ services abroad.

  1. EXPEDITIONS (SKI, mountaineering or climbing trips)
    – more than 60 days before departure: booking fees, 300 € / three hundred euros (see below).
    60 to 41 days of departure = 30% of the price of the trip + 300 € of booking fees retained + fees necessarily incurred for the start of the trip (for example for ELBRUS or any Russian & American destinations, reservation AND obtaining invitations & VOUCHERS paid to logistics agencies or local accommodation in Russia, Siberia, Andes / Americas, etc. etc.
    from 40 to 22 days: 75% of the price of the trip – + possible price of the boat + (300 € booking fees retained)
    from 22 to 8 days: 90% of the price of the trip + less any price of the boat, ski-sailing, boat never refunded /

    Less than 8 days : 100% of the price of the trip
    In all cases, the amount of the insurance premium is not

 APPLICATION FEES (Per person) :

2)  NORMAL TRAVELS (trekkings) OR traineeship
– More than 60 days before departure: booking fees (see below) = 300 euros

         –  60 to 41 days before departure = 30% of the price of the trip + € 300 retained      booking fees
          – from 40 to 22 days: 50% of the price of the trip
          – from 22 to 15 days: 60% of the price of the trip
          – from 14 to 8 days: 75% of the price of the trip
          – from 7 to 2 days: 90% of the price of the trip
          – less than 2 days: 100% of the price of the trip

Races, courses and trips : 100 euros of administrative fees will be retained whatever the date of your disclaimer.
 Shipping : 200 euros
The administrative costs are not covered by insurance, ANN the CANCELLATION insurance contract starting at 30 days for normal stays / courses and takes effect from the 60th day before departure for shipments.

Trip cancellations, (cases 1 or 2) whatever the date, do not exempt from full payment of the sums for which you are liable ; any reimbursement procedure by the insurance or by us can only be started on this condition.
 Even in the event of cancellation of a TRAVEL or traineeship, you are required to pay the balance to us.

TRAVEL CHANGE If you wish to change your trip more than 30 days before departure, a lump sum of € 300 per person will be retained. Within 30 days, any modification will be considered as a cancellation and will result in the application of the above cancellation conditions (§ 1 and 2).

NO PRESENTATIONY our failure to appear at the meeting does not give rise to any refund. TRAVEL OR TRAINEESHIP INTERRUPTION.

Any trip interrupted for health reasons is reimbursed by insurance (if you have subscribed to the contract), in proportion to the land services not consumed, this after the early return has been organized by said insurance.

Any voluntary interruption on your part does not give rise to any refund. As well as an exclusion decided by your guide,for insufficient level.


If the number of participants is insufficient, the trip can be canceled at the latest 21 days before departure (valid only for stays in “all inclusive”). Other causes of cancellation, linked to a local risk situation (political, health, natural disaster …), can occur at any time.

For trips of a technical nature (mountaineering expeditions in particular) we reserve the right not to accept a participant who does NOT meet the required level or technical criteria. In all cases of cancellation, the persons registered are fully reimbursed but cannot claim any compensation.

For trips on boat (Norway, Greenland, Spitzberg-Svalbard, Antarctica or South Georgia, etc.…. Chile, USHUAIA, etc.), the costs of boat reservations and the stay-accommodation on the boat (from around 1500 to 1800 euros per person minimum) will NEVER be reimbursed by Guides-ski Val d’Isère or MAISON DES GUIDES DE VAL THORENS (nor by YVES ASTIER P or Carine SAIAG) regardless of the date of cancellation, but the reimbursement will be ask your Cancellation insurance.

We are the only judges of the decision to cancel or not a future or current trip.

Anyone leaving one of our courses or trips cannot claim any refund, for whatever reason.

On the other hand, in the case of a canceled internship, it is postponed and the registered persons can use it when they wish, after agreement with us and on an internship from our program.

Your registration for a course or trip implies acceptance of our registration conditions. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY : 

° Each participant is required to comply with the police and health formalities regulations at all times during the trip. Our organization is not responsible for any delay or inability of a client to present documents in good standing.

° Given the particular nature of our trips, each participant must comply with the advice and instructions given by the expedition leader, and must be aware that he could run risks of any kind due to local conditions (poor state of the roads and means of communication, distance from medical centers, etc.).He assumes them with full knowledge of the facts and undertakes not to place the responsibility on the organizer Guides-alpamayo or YVES ASTIER P.

° Given the organizational difficulties, changes to the program (dates, times, itinerary, supervision, etc.) may occur. Participants can in no case claim a refund or compensation.

° In the event of a change in flight times, we are not responsible for additional costs linked to the journey to your home.

° Each participant must ensure that their luggage is present when organizing transfers.

° Registration for a trip of a particular technical nature : a specific registration form must be completed at the time of registration.

Subject to the quality of the defendant, any dispute is the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Grenoble.

You must be insured in civil liability for skiing and mountaineering (CAF, FFME or Snow FFS card).
We offer you a compulsory EUROP ASSISTANCE CANCELLATION insurance for your stay (with or without extension for “professional reasons”).
Mandatory : we will therefore offer you at least our CANCELLATION insurance (2.8% of the price of your stay) + possibly Interruption of strip and Repatriation / luggage.


Registration for one of our stays implies acceptance of all of our specific conditions of sale.
* All registration is effective only upon receipt of the registration form accompanied by a deposit of 30% for expeditions (skiing, mountaineering) & travel, 50% for courses. Any registration (or CANCELLATION insurance) check will be made payable to YVES A STIER P.
* The full price of a trip OR course / trekking, expedition must be paid to us at least 30 days before departure.
* For traineeship (week or weekend), the balance must be sent to us at least one month before departure without reminder from us.

We will not necessarily provide the airline ticket ; if you buy it or agree to acquire it yourself AFTER AGREEMENT WITH US GUIDES-ALPAMAYO, we will of course deduct the cost of the total price of the stay, in economy class and at the price we normally pay .

The prices
The stated prices are in euros. The description of each stay is accompanied by the list of services included in the price.



We need a minimum of 3 trainees per course to respect the prices announced and to guarantee the departure of mountaineering, rock or ice and climbing courses ; with less than 3 participants you can choose between canceling or paying 50% supplement each. For trips (and expeditions) refer to the detailed technical sheets. For Mont Blanc, glacier hiking and ski touring, you need a minimum of 4 or 6 participants (no odd number of people for all types of MT BLANC courses, otherwise an additional 130 euros each per person ! 

Material loan : For CASCADES courses, we can lend you ice axes and crampons ; or Simond piranhas (a deposit of 300 euros will be required for this loan) for internships in France. Possible rental of ARVA, snowshoes (compulsory for winter courses), touring skis, summer crampons / walking ice axes, helmet, BEAL harness-harnesses, shoes …

HIGH MOUNTAIN COURSES / Quality guarantee (valid only for French courses worth more than 2000 FRS / week – price for supervision). If your internship was hampered EVERY DAY by bad weather or conditions, we will give you one or two free days to another more favorable period, depending on your availability.

Trekking and Expeditions.

Our prices include :

° Supervision by mountain guide and loan of collective equipment (ropes, tents)

° Transport and travel by the means indicated on the descriptions of hikes or trips

° Accommodation in tents

° Hotels indicated during the trip

° Food except drinks

° Rental of mules, porters

° Air tickets by the company of our choice.

In addition, at your expense :

° Visas 

° Personal insurance

° Services to local organizations (museums, excursions …) All half board and hotel nights not scheduled in the program, for example if you descend from the altitude or the high mountains before the scheduled date. 

Traineeship  20% reduction to students on all our difficult or HIGH mountain summer / winter TECHNIQUES internships and on Scotland (ice) trips on all our days, internships and expeditions, special rates for clubs and groups of more than 3 people ( Europe) and more than 4 people traveling, expeditions.

For each trekking or course, a list of equipment to bring will be sent to you when you register. 

During trekking, you will never have to carry a bag of more than 10kg, we have provided for that donkeys or horses in the Andes and porters in other countries. But only for the approach steps to the BASE CAMP.

Degressive rates :

For guide engagements, for mountaineering races of more than 4 days cumulative or not. 10% reduction for families of 3 (or 5% to 15% for groups consisting of more than 4 people / IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE COURSES) and if you combine 3 courses in the year.

Responsability : The organizer cannot be held responsible in the event of failure of the various service providers (transport, hotel, restaurants …) and the participant cannot claim any compensation in the event of changes to timetables or routes, flight cancellation, delay, missed connection, accident, loss or damage to luggage …In the event of a delayed return due to a disruption in air transport or an event independent of our organization, we cannotin no case be held responsible, and we will ask for a contribution to the real additional costs occasioned.

Formalities : Participants must be in possession of the documents required by the police, customs and health authorities of the different countries in which the trip is taking place. The traveler will bear alone the consequences of non-compliance with these regulations, as well as the costs he could incur if he did not show up at the time and place mentioned on the invitation.